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First, his staff is completely insensitive to the needs of his patients.I received a recent call cancelling my appointment without reason nor explanation.

Normally, this pompous *** keeps you waiting no less than an hour past your appointment time because his staff overbooks so badly. This is his regular routine. He runs from room to room in his Armani suit rather than scrubs, so as to avoid administering proper examinations.

These are my opinions, and I challenge him to deny any of what I say here...

Seriously, go find a doctor who still cares....this clown is way too wealthy to give a *** about anyone.

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Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #1269380

Have also never seen him wear a suit nor have I ever seen a doctor dressed in scrubs in an office.I have gone there for years and never had to wait that long.

I've seen him and his practitioners and find them all thorough and caring. Dr. Roth spent his own time researching lyme literate doctors for me. You can get an appointment for the same day if you don't have a preference for who you see.

I find Dr.Roth and his staff to be better than most.

Farmingdale, New York, United States #1191352

Dr Roth in an Armani suit? I have been his patient for over 20 years, I have never seen him wear a suit. That review has lost any and all credibility.

Melville, New York, United States #1021559

Get real you whiner!All medical practices are busy.

Dr. Roth has always been cordial and thorough.

Have you ever taken your car for repair and had to wait a little longer than you wanted?

Medical issues cause delays, just be glad you had to wait a little longer and that was all that happened.

The patient causing the delay has the real issue.

You must be a real joy to work with, be a neighbor to have as a family member.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

The world doesn't revolve around you!It's not all about YOU!

Smithtown, New York, United States #830929

I have seen Valerie Gray NP and I am very pleased with her, and how they check your blood and can check throat cultures during your visit.I seen the spanish MA who I agree with below, she is very sweet and makes you feel comfortable.

However, the receptionists have been nothing but a nightmare since I transferred.

I am a receptionist myself, I understand certain calling hours are high volume however there is NO excuse not to call a patient back when stated to do so in several messages.Especially when in regards to a referral for an appointment coming up.

Islip Terrace, New York, United States #794849

I agree w everything your saying.Dr.

Roth is a very good doctors. I do agree that the wait is very long. I was there n waiting for one hour and 30 minutes then went into the room n waited another 20 mins for him. I dont mind that bc he really spend a lot of time talking to you and making sure he helps u.

This downfall unfortunately is his staff! They are horrible and no help. The treat u like complete ***. I dont know one but of the MA there she is Spanish i think, she is the only one thats nice sweet n try's to make u feel Comfortable.

The girls at the front desk ignore you while ur standing there n have full conversation with each other.

I am very torn bc i do believe dr.Roth is a good dr, but unfortunately you have to deal with his insensitive staff!

Hicksville, New York, United States #688002

I can can tell you as a medical assistant, that the doctor and staff work extremely hard to satisfy the patients needs and concerns.If by chance they are double booked, it could be that the dr (who, yes believe it or not is human) may be taking a vacation soon, or that it is flu season and everyone and their mother wants the flu shot, or decided not to get the flu shot, and now has it, or any other number of problems.

Perhaps "Wet ***" is a hyperchondriac, and you just have to complain and cry about every little hang nail you get.And then imagine, all the other over reactors like yourself, demanding that they see the doctor right away, because they are far more important than say, the cancer patient the doctor has in the room before them.


Do yourself a favor, and find another doctor.Office staff is obnoxious, rude, unattentive, and dismissive.

Do the research, and look at the reviews. It seems that this practice does everything in their power to make it as inconvenient, unpleasant, and impractical as possible for the patient. I see many different doctors these days, so I do have something to compare to. They have multiple SOP's that really get in the way of patient care and convenience.

Not sure if the office problems are the result of directives directly from Dr Roth, but does that really matter? If he doesn't work to resolve the horrible conditions, then he is part of the problem.

I've been telling myself to find another doctor for years, but just haven't followed through.Today, I experienced the last straw, and I'm done with Smithtown Primary Care.


Seriously?Wet *** from Yonkers?

We schedule 3 patients per hour to avoid overbooking. Anyone who as ever been to my office knows I never wear a suit, and that I examine my patients thoroughly and carefully.

I drive a 13 year old car.Obviously Wet *** has too much time on his hands.

to Ronald Roth, M.D. Smithtown, New York, United States #1121750

I've been to Dr.Roth's practice three times - twice Nurse Practioners for blood work.

I saw him this week for the first time and he was perfectly nice and asked all the right questions. He is certainly not wearing Armani suits - he was in jeans and a shirt and my wife says he's always dressed down. Pompous is not a word I would use to describe him at all - I found him pleasant and engaging. And the nurse who did my bloods and ECG could NOT have been nicer or more competent.

There are bad reviews and there are bad REVIEWERS.

Wet *** is probably just miserable with honesty issues.May even be a disgruntled employee.


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